Vimage Design

Herman Tan founded the VIMAGE design company on the island of Batam, Indonesia over 20 years ago, in 1998. From a young age, Herman had always exhibited a strong passion and gifting in the area of design, specifically that of interior design. After graduating design school, Herman took this passion and eye for design and opened a small company out of a simple shophouse, eager to turn what he loved into a new way of life. This company was named VIMAGE after the name of his firstborn son, Vincent. Starting small, Herman, under the VIMAGE brand, began to be recognized as a premiere designer in not only the immediate region, but also in other areas of Indonesia through his successful execution of numerous projects in other cities and islands, such as Bali and Jakarta.

Following this, VIMAGE began to experience exponential growth, taking on more clients, delivering satisfying results, and even establishing strategic national and international partners for both architectural work, as well as 3-D design rendering. VIMAGE currently focuses mainly on design and production projects within the hospitality industry, such as hotels, spas, and tourist destinations, however they also provide quality interior design for upper class homes as well. VIMAGE is now quickly beginning to be recognized as one of the most talented design companies in the region, growing in both influence and market share on the island of Batam and beyond.

  • Client Vimage Design
  • Date May 7, 2019
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