Celesta Center

PT. Celesta Teknologi Internasional (Celesta), has been in operation since 2012, however their iconic name, Celesta, was officially registered in 2016.  Founded on the strategic gateway island of Batam, Indonesia by Kim Ciau and Jusni Alim, this innovative company operates in the renewable, green energy industry, specifically setting their focus on revolutionary solar energy powered LED lighting systems.  Located along the equator within the island nation of Indonesia, Celesta aims to take full advantage of the sun through the strategic and creative harvesting of solar energy in order to transform the lighting industry from the inside out.  Solar energy has the capacity to become the most environmentally friendly and cost effective power solution available, however over the last number of years, this extraordinary technology has received a poor reputation among the nation’s populous because of unsatisfactory stewardship of the creation and implementation of it at a national level.  Celesta desires to completely reverse Indonesia’s negative perception of solar, green, and renewable energy sources through the production of high quality and long lasting renewable energy lighting systems that not only save money, but are overall safer for the environment, even performing better than conventional AC electricity.

  • Client Celesta Center
  • Date December 18, 2018
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