Sunliland was started by partners Sunarto and Lili on the island of Batam, Indonesia in 2018. Created out of a shared passion for turning people’s dreams into realities, Sunliland operates in the property development industry, focusing mainly on residential developments within the island of Batam, as well as in other strategic regions of Indonesia. The name Sunliland, was birthed out of the combination of the names of the two founders, Sunarto and Lili, with the company recognized as a member of the prestigious PKP property development group, which has over 30-years experience in the industry and has executed numerous successful residential and commercial development projects throughout the country. Since 2004, Sunarto and Lili have worked within Batam’s PT. PKP, spearheading various residential and commercial projects on the island, gleaning invaluable experience, and growing in their leadership and knowledge of the industry. The personal mentorship and investment of the leadership within PKP, as well as PKP’s vision to develop 1,000 partnerships in the industry, served as a strong motivation for Sunarto and Lili to begin their own property development brand and initiative in partnership with PKP.

Although property development has enormous potential from a business perspective in Indonesia, especially on the island of Batam, which has experienced significant growth over the past 30-years, without passion and drive for the work, it is difficult to succeed in this industry. Sunarto and Lili have brought a DNA of vision, passion, drive, and fresh excitement to the industry and instilled this very DNA into every aspect of the company that they have built, Sunliland. Sunliland endeavors to build a nationally recognized brand that has both the ability and capacity to realize dream properties for both individuals and businesses alike.

  • Client Sunliland
  • Date December 18, 2018
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