Citra Asia Raya

Citra Asia Raya was established by Hok Hie and Irwan on the island of Batam. This company specializes in the processing and recovery of hazardous waste, mainly from electronics (E-Waste). The nation of Indonesia, with a population of nearly 300 million people, produces a large amount of electronic waste, from computers and printers, to televisions and phones. Beyond being difficult to transport and dispose of, these retired items are also often harmful to the environment, needing to  be expertly transported and handled in a safe manner that does not result in air pollution.

Aware of this need, Hok Hie and Irwan founded PT. Citra Asia Raya with a vision to provide an easy, safe, and environmentally friendly solution for handling the vast amount of electronic waste produced both locally and nationally every year.  The first step that these founders took on their path of bringing this vision to reality was to seek the appropriate legalization and licensing from the national government.  This type of business is no small scale venture, requiring much investment in the establishment of a processing plant in order to maximize working capabilities.  After much effort working with the national government, specifically the Environmental and Forestry Ministry, PT. Citra Asia Raya received their full licensing for handling all varieties of electronic waste throughout the whole of Indonesia.

Having established an effective work management system, as well as continuing to maximize their environmentally friendly utilization process , PT. Citra Asia Raya received full licensing and support from the Enviornmental and Forest Ministry of the Indonesian Government.  PT. Citra Asia Raya has succeeded in expanding their business since their establishment on Batam Island until now, founding another company on the island of Java.

  • Client Citra Asia Raya
  • Date December 18, 2018
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