Founded in 2018, Koora exists as the all-inclusive beauty and wellness solution provider for Indonesia.  Koora is made up of three main pillars : the innovative and up-and-coming corset retailer Shana Tova, the well-established and experienced cosmetic provider Samkim, as well as Sumia, a premiere aesthetic clinic.  Together, these three revolutionary beauty and wellness powerhouses enable Koora to truly transform this trending industry at a national level.

Koora, which originates from the Japanese phrase, ‘Treasure of Beauty’, was started in order to meet the needs of every treasured individual, whether male or female, for both beauty and welllness.  Foreseeing both a global and national trend in peoples’ prioritization of beauty and wellness, Koora was created in order to meet the needs and demands of this vast global market, delivering a wide array of high quality, natural products and services at affordable prices, placing them as the true forerunners within the industry.

Currently located in two dynamic locations on the strategic international gateway island of Batam, Indonesia, Koora seeks to franchise and expand throughout the region and entire nation of Indonesia within the next few years.  We firmly believe that Koora, and their revolutionary products and services, will continue to grow and be embraced by all, as one life at a time is touched by the miracle effects that a simple investment in beauty and wellness can bring to each individual.

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  • Date December 18, 2018
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