Mega Property

Mega Property Group was established in 2003 on the island of Batam, Indonesia and operates in the construction industry as a property developer. Foreseeing the rapid growth and expansion of the region, strategically located with convenient access and close proximity to neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, the founders of Mega Property Group were eager to begin playing their part in transforming the architecture and development of Batam. A fresh perspective combined with a passion for excellence has pushed Mega Property Group to challenge the status quo, envisioning a more unique and modern Batam that is able to better compete and stand out amongst the surrounding region. Mega Property Group only undertakes projects that will add value to a given area, delivering a much needed injection of creativity and exclusive identity through their expertise in architecture, design, and functionality. The drive of Mega Property Group is to see the projects that they execute begin to change and bring life to areas one building at a time, giving Batam a new face, increasing the number of tourist visits, and helping businesses to build a lasting legacy.

  • Client Mega Property
  • Date December 19, 2018
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